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How to Become a Paper Artist

Jacqueline was born, in what was commonly perceived to be, the wrong side of the wall. She explains,

“When I was little you couldn’t just buy things.”

However, she didn’t only admire the pink shiny toys in the TV ads from Western Germany. Or just leaf through the toy catalogue she managed to get hold of. She also started to build her own versions.
Equipped with two craft books from the past, wood, paper and fabric, she created the paper playgrounds she dreamed of, wooden furniture for her dolls and outfits for her teddies.

“It took many twists and turns and a good dose of luck.”

for Jacqueline to make her way from the tiny village in Eastern Germany to the shiny lights of London, Great Britain. However, her passion to create things, is still unchanged and evident in her work.

Illustration and Paper Art

Jacqueline is probably best known for her miniature paper art, which would fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. Iconic vintage objects are re-invented in paper and delight adults and children alike.

For her illustrations Jacqueline also draws beautiful watercolour and ink drawings, combining them with her whimsical paper sculptures.

Editorial Illustrations

Jacqueline has created numeral editorial illustrations for renowned magazines worldwide, as well as other, more unusual projects. For details take a look over here.

After taking a break to look after house and home (and commuting with her tiny kid to school everyday), Jacqueline is delighted to be back at her desk.

Your Project

If you would like to talk about your project, or aren’t even sure if it is a project just yet, but would like to get some input, please get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you!

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